Setting up 45 deg bit in Tool List

I was wondering if I have set up my 1/8 45 degree bit correctly in the tool list (attached screenshot). I ask because I have been having issues with the z slowly to rapidly diving while only using this bit. I am only cutting at 1 mm in soft pine. I have searched the forums for troublshooting the Z issue and checked all the settings mentioned and they are good to go.

I don’t see anything that would obviously cause a Z axis movement issue, but if that is a 1/8 inch bit, you should set the bit diameter (theta) to 3.175 mm instead of 1/8 mm, just a guess but it could be causing an issue in Estlcam.

The diameter doesn’t look right (1/8mm?). I’m not sure what you mean by slowly to rapidly diving.

Your plunge angle is 1 degree, that will take forever, for a vbit 90 is good, and they are correct you bit diameter should be 3.175.

Atmonaut, Jeffeb3, and Ryan, sorry, I should have specified the bit. It is the 1/8" 45-degree bit that’s available in the Sharp Stuff section of the shop. Thanks for the info on the plunge degree. I will try that out today and also set the diameter to 3.175.