Shaking while moving

So I made some changes today :slight_smile:

from 24x24 i went to 36x34. Added a rail system for clamps etc.

Now i notice a LOT of vibration when moving around. Its like its getting hung up on the conduit, but it seems like any other conduit to me.

Any ideas?


  1. Did you buy everything from here? Yes - 3d printed the parts myself on a lulzbot taz 5
    a)If you didn’t or changed some things please don’t leave out any details.
    b)What firmware? of 1-28-16

  2. Are you using end stops? No
    a)If so please disconnect them.
    b) If the problem is still there leave them disconnected while troubleshooting.

  3. Are you using all my recommended parts? yes
    a) If not please list what parts you used.
    b) I am not against other peoples parts but most of them have not actually even been tested on a working machine. I am against people making “improved” parts when they have not even tried mine. Please, “don’t fix what ain’t broke”.

  4. Include a picture so obvious errors might be spotted.

If it worked in the smaller version I have no idea why it wouldn’t work for you a little larger.

If you are not already using it try the beta firmware.

Vicious1. for whatever reason i think the new conduit i bought was rougher than the last stuff. Obviously when its smaller there is less margin of error than on the bigger stuff too.
Anyway, it seems as if running it for a few hours took care of a lot of it. im going to do a few other things as well to see if i can get it even more smooth :slight_smile:

Another little trick is to over tighten the tension bolts and running in a full build size circle for a while, then loosen them up a touch. The zinc comes right off and there is usually smooth pipe underneath.