Shed building

After the latest tool acquisitions, we have finally decided to put in a shed.

We’re doing a 10x12 metal shed in the back to get all the gardening stuff out of the garage. Then I get to spend the rest of the year rearranging tools in the garage.

I’m building a solid base for it as though we were putting in a wooden shed. That way if we ever have the extra money, we can replace the metal building with a nicer wooden one.

I’ll keep photo progress here.

One thing we noticed is the 10x12 might be a bit big. We’ll have to figure something out after it’s up to ‘hide’ it a little.

You’re going to put your power tools in there pretty soon, and have to build another garden shed…

Did you already get the bunker finished?

Anyone know where I can get a cheap oriental rug with a handle on it?

No. The power tools will never go in the shed. I’m not running electricity that far into a yard.

My truck won’t fit in the garage, so that side will always be available for my shop :slight_smile: (and the Harley(s))

I have been spending an absurd amount of time looking at design ideas for rolling carts for a lot of my bench tools. I think getting the shed built will cause an explosion of projects for me to do in the shop again.

I made a bunch of rolling/mobile stuff for my shed (which is smaller than your 1/2 garage) and I just don’t think they are worth it for most things. I ended up using the wrong tool, because it was already in the middle of the shed, rather than reorganize them to get the right tool in a useful place. Maybe something like a lathe would be different, because you don’t usually just casually spend 5 minutes on it, but for most things like bandsaws, sanders, table saw, etc. I want to use them now, or not at all. I am coming around to permanent, visible storage for everything, or almost everything. I think mobile bases are for people with a ton of room, who want to tweak their setups as they go along, not for people who have a small shop with limited space. That’s just my opinion. I’m perfectly capable of accepting that someone else will have their own (I need to remind myself of this sometimes).

Power is an issue with my shed too. I tripped the breaker when I started my table saw with the mammoth dust collector I just installed. So I ran a second extension cord. They are both temporary, they will be temporary for a while…

I still need to keep most of my shop mobile so that I can park the bike in the garage. When I do work, I’ll wheel the bike onto the driveway and then pull the tools I need out from the wall.

The band saw is really heavy and may end up in a fixed location, but most of my other tools will be moveable.

I really want to get the miter saw mounted onto a cart with collapsible wings. Right now it sits on a shelf and I pull it out and use it on the driveway when I need it. It’s not ideal and makes for a sore back at the end of the day.

A lot of my other bench tools aren’t used as often. I want to have a mobile cart that’s big enough I can clamp the other tools to the top as needed.

If I could figure out how to setup the shop and get both the wife’s car and my bike in there without moving anything, then I’m all for it. But I was never that good at Tetris. The biggest thing then is getting full access to the front of the workbench and the storage shelves on the back wall. Right now the table saw and CNC machine sit right smack in front of the shelves and it’s a pain trying to get to anything in the middle part of it.

We finished the shed over the weekend. It took me 4 hours or so to build the deck and then it took us 8 hours to build the shed itself.

It then took me another 2 hours to move all the yard stuff to the shed and get the garage cleaned up enough to get the wife’s car back in it.

I added more pictures to the album and added some notes:

Here’s a picture of the garage with the tools along the wall. They just barely fit. Eventually the lathe will be on a stand and I’ll put it along the wall with the other tools in front of it.

Well done on the shed and getting that foundation set. And good call with the Presidente Margarita from Chilis. I had a Coronarita the other night at a little Mexican place in town and it was awesome. Sure hit the spot.

Looks good, well worth the time I assume?

My grandfather had something along those lines, that was the first time I ever saw a beehive. Under the shed. You might want to seal it up at the bottom with some screen or something.

Yeah. I’m thinking of doing window screening and then putting lattice across the front, back, and sides to dress it up a little.

I don’t want to put anything too obstructive so that any moisture that gets under there can escape.

We’re also still trying to figure out what type of planting to do around it. I want to use the walkway between the shed and back fence line for my ladder and maybe move my firewood there too. If I do that, then we’ll just fill it in with mulch. Then we can put some type of bushy plant between the back of the shed and the other fence line. Maybe a tree at the back right corner to help hide it from the street.

I still have to design/build a ramp for it. It’s almost a 1’ drop to the ground and getting the mower and edger up there is more of a lift than I want to do regularly. That will be this weekend’s chore.

Dang, I have an air compressor that is almost a clone of yours. :wink:

Those old AC’s are little work horses. My poppy (mom’s dad) bought it used at a garage sale and got it running to give to my dad before I was born. He used it for a long time until he bought himself a better one, then it went to my grandfather’s (dad’s dad) house until he passed away. That’s when dad gave it to me… about 8 years ago now.

About 3 years ago I cleaned all the gunk off of it and did a little work on it. It was so built up with grime that my dad didn’t even know it was supposed to be a light grey color. I drained and refilled the oil. The oil was still a good color. I don’t think it had ever been changed. I also added the air cleaner (the foam was starting to dry rot on whatever was on it).

The pump could use a rebuild, and the tank needs to be replaced. The electric motor is doing great.

It’s not very kid friendly… no guard, but the thing bounces around and makes so much noise my kids run from it every time it’s on.

I also need a better regulator and filter, but every time I have a little money I forget I need that.

My poppy, the one that gave me the other tools, has a rather new 25 gallon compressor that I should be getting. It just wouldn’t fit in the truck last time I was down there. Once I get it, this one will be put aside as a backup.