Shop coaster

Ok, so don’t laugh. :smiley:

I’m taking baby steps here learning the software tools, the process and the lowrider. I was reading the forums and sipping a g&t and decided I needed a coaster for my drink. I have a branch from a honey locust tree (ugly wood, but free from the yard) and sliced a round.

Fastened it with painter’s tape and ca glue

Created some surfacing gcode with FreeCAD for a cheap 3/8" two flute straight router bit and surfaced it

The lines showing there could barely be felt and sanded out pretty easily to look like this

I added some boiled linseed oil, now it looks like a well aged cutting board

I had to learn a little bit about Inkscape to create some text for carving, then used Estlcam to make the carving gcode and ended up with this

I know it’s a silly little trinket and the text isn’t aligned very nice, but it’s my first make, I learned a lot, and I can keep it in the shop forever as a reminder. :sunglasses:


It’s not silly at all, making your first piece with your self built machine is quite significant! Congrats :clap:




No judgement here.


Yvan, that’s quite a machine and your coaster is much larger than mine. :yum:


Cool project. I love projects like this where the end result might seem simple, for lack of a better term, but you learn a LOT on the way there!


If that coaster is anything like that first crown I drew, it will mean a lot to you for a long time. Congrats on getting through the whole process on your own. Cool project!


Thanks Ryan, appreciate it. I’ve really enjoyed the build so far, I applaud you for your design. I bought the complete package from you and was very impressed with the attention to detail. I think I had about 4 6-32 nuts left over at the end and that’s it. :slight_smile:

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Perfect, everyone loves leftovers!!!


Yeah man. This thing was in your head, and you used a machine you built to make it a real thing that you can use. I was just telling my wife last week that part still hasn’t gotten old for me.


That is why the catch phrase is, “V1 Engineering bringing things in your head to life”

Well at least it should be. :crazy_face:


It looks fine to me, but if you want to experiment, you could take a photo of the wood and import it into Inkscape, then use the pen to generate a path that matches the shape of the wood - then flow the text to that rather than a circle.

The ‘path/trace bitmap’ menu should generate the path automatically, but I find it usually needs some manual clean-up, so it’s often quicker and easier to do it manually. Either way, I love the ability to take a fuzzy, wonky scan and carve it into wood.


That’s a cool setup, but I like @davem’s coaster better.

I’m a bit of a light weight really and his coaster is more appropriately sized for my tolerance level…

Your coaster looks like something paul bunyan could use. 8^)

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Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to try that!

It’s for a flagon ?

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Awesome coaster your first child as they say, its all down hill from here. Great Job!

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Thanks Stan. Great name btw, same as my dad and my son! :grinning:

:+1: :+1: :+1:

My Dad and my Son as well, 4 generations of Stanley’s


haha… Brilliant… spontanity fueld in part by GnT I like the minimal spoil board diminesions as well