Shop Helpers!

This is my shop helper, called Muffin.

Whereas this is the whole pack

@turbinbjorn - It starts with just one dog. Over time others may appear :slight_smile:



I prefer my cats.

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It’s probably just some toxoplasmosis. It makes people like cats. It mostly affects cat owners.


You should definitely get a dog sir! Especially living where you do.

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Haha - I actually had a cat once, when I moved to a new town, lived by myself and was lonely a lot of the time. Coming home and having this kitten jumping towards me was the highlight of the day… I would for sure willingly suffer from some toxoplasmosis if I had too… :smiley: but now a dog would for sure be more fitting. I have this idea that the kids would love having extra company. It would certainly give them something to care about, other than fighting with each other :slight_smile:

When I was single, I traveled a lot on my Harley. A cat was the purrrfect companion because all I had to do was make sure the litter box was clean and enough food and water were left out and I could take off for an extended weekend.

Living in an apartment, I wouldn’t have been able to leave a dog outside for the weekend. Plus most dogs don’t do well with weekend feeders and tend to over-eat the first day and run out of food.

I taught my cat to sit and play fetch in the apartment.

We got lucky with out dogs. They shared a 40 pound gravity feeder for hogs. I just had to dump in a bag every week and a half or so. That and a 5 gallon gravity water dish, and we could leave them for a weekend and they’d be alright. Had a dog door in the wall out to their fenced in part of the yard. We found that 3 days was the limit though. On the 4th they would get bored and tear up something. I kinda miss having dogs, but then I kinda like not having them too.

Were picking up a new shop helper in a few weeks. We decided we better take advantage while still working from home.


Part of our fence blew down, and because of how it was originally installed, it’s a pain to fix. That’s probably the only reason we didn’t get a dog in March. We were very close when we saw the stories about local dog shelters shutting down to fostering a dog. I guarantee you there is no dog that would come in here and not stay.

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Do it!

I grow up with dogs, at one point we had 3 Dobermans, Astor, Cindy and Buddy…( can’t find any pictures of then :frowning_face: ) but that was well over 20 years ago…
Now we have Cats ( wife loves it )…Not my favorite pet but they are easy to take care off, specially with both off us travelling a lot for work before covid.
I do let the cat in the shop but every time I turn anything on, he bolt right out of there…