Shop Updates (originally Decided to move)

Good Luck!

Heck yes, so close, best of luck!

Well. The combined luck of the V1 forum didn’t help us :frowning: . The seller went with another offer that didn’t include a contingency. I doubt at this point that that house will be back on the market, but the option period for it ends early next week, so…

On the other side of the fence, the pool inspector for our buyer ripped us a new one on things to be done to our pool. The buyer is asking for $14k worth of work. If I had $14k, I would have had all the work done already. We’ve gone back and forth a few times, and we’re hoping that we can get away with $14k in concessions and they’ll go back up to full asking price. We’ll still be out $9k from the initial offer, but on a 30 year note that comes out to one dinner out a month difference.

We did look at another house last night. This one has a pool but no shop. Still on a 1 acre lot, so plenty of room to add one. Price was a little high, but it has a full solar system on it that’s 100% paid for with a full 25 year warranty still intact. I still think they’re about $20k high on their asking price. Our realtor is running comps and trying to get more data. The house has been on the market since February, so we may be able to under cut them some on the price and use the difference on my shop. Probably end up with a 30x30.


The house we lost the offer on was a 2300 sq/ft house with a 2000 sq/ft shop on the property (40x50). :frowning: :frowning: I had so many plans for that shop already…

My offer was accepted on this one!


Nice! Congrats! Looks like it’s recently remodeled. Should give you more time to other projects rather than fixing things on the house.

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Yes, Dave it was a foreclosure that was trashed… a couple of contractors bought it and completely gutted and replaced almost everything. So it’s essentially new construction built into a 45 year old house. My wife has been eyeing it since November, and it’s come on and off the market a few times due to deals that have fallen through. I hope to keep it off the market for quite some time!!

That looks really nice inside. Good light, clean appearance. I like it. Congrats.

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We put an offer on a house and it was accepted. Now we’re under the gun to get ours sold.

2200 sq/ft house with pool and a shop all on 1 acre lot. The shop is laid out like a party barn with a large overhang on one side and a big carport on the front. The realtor said the shop is 26x47, but the tax appraisal has the sq footage at a smaller size.

My day last Saturday was pretty horrible. It started off with finding out that the buyer on our house was backing out and ended with the engine on my truck going out. This week has slowly gotten better, so we’re hoping it continues in a positive direction.

Well, those specs sounds amazing, so to me your week is already looking up! There is always random crap that happens, I would like to think all yours has already all on the same day, nothing but better days form here on out.

yeah. That’s what I was telling myself Sunday.

Here’s the house:

DDDAAAANNNNGGGGG!!! I gotta leave Cali, dang that is pretty ideal looking to me and my “taste”. That shop even has a outdoor work area. The no fence thing is weird to me but so is having houses so far away from each other, both of which are awesome. Dude, love it!

Half the backyard is fenced. There’s a wooden fence on one side and iron on the rest. We get a lot of straight-line winds in Texas. Big wooden fences don’t do well in those conditions. The iron fences also allow a nice breeze through them and keeps the backyard from getting stuffy.

The property goes all the way back to the big tree in the back. The plan is to fence in some more of the back yard and get chickens and put a vegetable garden in back there. I want to put a redbud tree in the front yard.


Hopefully ya’ll aren’t tired of hearing about my adventure yet…

Today was inspection day at the new house. I called in sick to work so I could be there. I like to look over the property while the inspector is going on. I tend to crawl around the attic, walk the entire property line, and poke around in all the corners.

I took my tape measure. The shop is in fact 26x47 on the inside. There’s quite a few built-ins and all the walls have plywood screwed to the metal walls. What I didn’t notice the first time through the house is the shop also has a 5ton air conditioner/heat pump mounted in the corner of it and water running to it. I think the shop is nicer than my first apartment. I’m afraid to find out what that’s going to cost to actually run, but we’ll find out the hard way.

The rest of the house really is as nice as the pictures make it look. The inspector didn’t find anything too bad/nasty. We’ll have a few concessions to ask for from the sellers, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

There’s 1 major downside to the house. The house is in a broadband dead zone on the map. The only two options are wireless internet or satellite. The current owner uses viasat. I’m going to have my realtor see if I can ask him some questions about it.

NO!!! That sucks. I am not familiar with the other options.

My parents have viasat. Go with the wifi. On the really good days we can hit almost 10mbps. It’s usually around 3mbps. I was actually looking into erecting a couple towers and just doing a point to point shot to their house from mine, but their property is too small for the guy wires. Need about 75 feet to clear a woods between us. Straight shot is only 5 miles and I get gigabit, their only option so far is viasat, but spectrum is hanging fiber down their street, so maybe this fall or next spring they can get real internet. I was talking to the viasat installer when he was putting the dish on their roof, they were supposed to be able to do 100mbps off the satellite, but the company that launched it, messed up one of the antennas, so it’s stuck at 20mbps.

That has to have really messed up the company’s bottom line, yikes.

I love inspections too. Nice to hear it’s in good shape. A friend of mine has poor internet in his dream house. Apparently, Netflix will just mail discs to you? Who knew :slight_smile:

I’m super jealous of that shop. I would definitely install a DVD player and spend all weekend out there while the kids watch TV. I can only convince them to do about 20 minutes of sweeping before we get bored right now.

Get a cheap roomba clone, then remote control it. Actually get two, then you can have races in the shop with them, and clean the floor at the same time!

That’s a good idea. Too bad my 10’x16’ shop doesn’t have the room for roomba races.