shorty mpcnc under construction

This mpcnc will live indoors as a plotter while getting up to speed, then move to a spindle outside. Plywood and 2x3s table cut with bent skillsaw. Jigsaw was the way to go for cutting the emt.

22.25" rails. Wanted a short z-axis travel, 2.5" would be enough. I cut the legs at 2" but they don’t reach the bottom of the feet, not a problem. With the corner/lock resting directly on the new foot the minimum leg length to reach bottom would be 2.25", putting the minimum possible z work height at 2.75" for stock setup. I left my z rails 1/4" short at 10". Might need to add in a 1/4" floorboard.

Manual motion is smooth and clean with minimal fuss - awesome design and quality parts.

Nice, that thing is going to be a monster!

She’s alive! First test plot after partial crown. Fine-tuning.

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I’m letting things run before making any adjustments. It is not running loose. Squares are square out of the box. Here are a couple of gcode files. Starting at center origin, 1, 2, 3, and 4" squares. The other 2, 4, 6, and 8" squares. Estlcam pen 0.1mm diameter, cutting depth 0.1mm, trochoidal off.

squares1234.gcode (1010 Bytes)

squares2468.gcode (1020 Bytes)


I need to make a small z adjustment but is probably not significant when blasting into wood. Have a couple of rough spots on the rails even after cleaning and rotating them. Can feel the gantry is a little loose. Belts have pretty even tension after a tweak, they took a while to break in.

Headtest OC, ballpoint pen on loose paper. Overly complicated vector drawing.

headtest.gcode (119 KB)

Looks pretty good.

Here’s another Wisconsin box. Particle board and 3/4" ext plywood top. 24" high, 32x32 base. Still need a door and webcam or window. Sound reduction is ok will tighten it up. Might have to convert to 24" subwoofer!


Enclosure update and some early test cuts. Enclosure gets hot quickly +10F on short runs. Still need better power control, front door but working good with the top access. Text and crown carving is good, text engraving with 1/8" and 1/16" bits is great quality and fast.

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