Should all three bearings touch on the base plate?

Talking about the router plate, I can get one or the other of the bottom rollers to touch the pipe, obviously it doesn’t affect the ability to do things regardless, I just wonder if I can do better, am I being too kind to the tension?


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Are the screws holding the rollers onto the plate loose? They may be holding the rollers apart.

(I am on plate #5 now, hopefully last one, unless I think of something else.) I find there can be slight play in the holes, set them at 5 mm, should probably be 4.8 mm or something, figured it was there to allow the ends to move closer. Comparing the reference image to my pic, there is a lot more of a gap, but that is the cad image I assume.


I put the bolts in the other direction.
Try this😎

Worked well for me.