Should I be worried?

Inventables keynote and new product launch starts in 1.5 hours…on a scale of 1-10 how worried should I be?

Do we know what they are releasing? I havent kept up with them since I determined their product wasnt the direction I wanted to go.

I have no idea, just got an email saying to watch it.

What did they say? I’m away from good internet. From the thumbnail, it looks like they are getting into the fidget spinner business.

Paid version of easel pro $19/month for 200 fonts and the ability to use a vbit.


There stream kept dying though I’m not sure if I missed anything they were streaming from a cell hotspot.

They really should have recorded it, then uploaded. Live streaming straight to youtube sucks unless you have a fat internet connection.

It was a bummer the people’s stories at the end cut out the worst and they were super interesting.

They also added a business forums, but I am not sure if that is behind a pay wall or not, and at the end he says you get Pro free 4 days a month, I think that will let most hobby users get it for free basically that’s pretty cool. I had no idea easel doesn’t do V bits I have never actually used it.

I looked at easel briefly, but it seemed to be pretty locked in to their stuff. No way to define new machines or add post-processors to generate Marlin friendly gcode.

There were a number of other fairly annoying limitations I found as well when I looked into a few weeks ago. I don’t remember the details, but I seem to remember I couldn’t even import most of the stuff I usually do because of file type limits.

Basically I spent about 20 minutes with it and determined it was useless to me :frowning:

I can only imagine that makes it super easy to use for the absolute newcomer.

It took me a while at the beginning and test all kinds of software until I found estlcam. When they started I doubt it was around, but man for $50 (if you don’t to wait for the timer) is much more fully functional software that can’t be too much harder to use right? I totally understand not guiding people to fusion but I’m not big on the subscription/app thing. Around me everyone drives a Tesla, because they all get that app money from what I can tell, so I can see why they would want a steady income. I’ll get my steady income form parts and accessories…Speaking of which pretty sure I will be an authorized Kyocera dealer in a few hours, so more selection and hopefully better prices on end mills and bits.


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Thats cool news Ryan on the Kyocera deal. Im excited to see what you will have available once it goes through.

Very good news. Why would you be worry?