Shout out to Ryan and V1 Engineering

I just wanted to give a shout out, and share with everyone something really cool. I ordered the Low Rider bundle, Full Graphics Smart Controller, Wire Sleeve and a USB Cable, at 2:00 PM on Saturday and they have already been delivered to my house.

Great service and amazing turn around!

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It doesn’t always work out that great but, I am glad it did for you!

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You guys are neighbors, right?

Nope, it wasn’t that easy…I did actually hand deliver one box. No one was home, was dying to see the reaction.

That would have been cool!

I had a similar experience. I ordered the lowrider kit on Friday last week and it was delivered less than 18 hours later, Saturday, at my doorstep. Pretty amazing.

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Ryan always has good turn around times (you just need to snipe whenever things come back in stock to actually experience his efficiency).

I built my MPCNC about 4 years ago, then there was a revision change about a year after that (around the time I started posting here), so I placed an order for a bundle and rebuilt the MPCNC from the ground up. I recall receiving the package really fast. When I decided to build the lowrider v2 this year it was a similar story, 1.5 business days to get my items from the time I placed the order to when it was at my doorstep.

I like the fact my money went to an American entrepreneur and small business rather than be gobbled up by the giant vacuum cleaner that Amazon has become.

Now to upgrade the MPCNC yet again, this whole burly update and all managed to slip right past me and my Marlin is very out of date (v1.0).

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Thanks, The positivity is welcome.

Always working on keeping things in stock better, but there is always some sort of supply issue.

Ah come on Ryan, the supply issues are all because you don’t keep a six month supply in house. You just need a larger facility to hold stuff, those automated robot thingies that fetch the parts from the new facility and Musk level cash reserves to keep it full. :slight_smile:

Challenge accepted!

Does that mean you’ll put an MPCNC in orbit?

Well, lets start with getting by getting the inventory up first.

There are thousands orbiting around the earth, they are just very close to the surface.