Show off links here!

From the post. Lets fill up the gallery!

I’m looking for link to MPCNC made things, from anywhere, any site.

Do you want work in progress, or only final designs?

I’m working on a Kalk reactor for a reef tank here:

Prototype is being cut from MDF. Final design will be done from PVC flat-stock. Design will include thread-milled parts

That’s awesome. I especially like that the pictures link to the forum posts.

David you are up there all ready, 3rd row down. I can change the link if you would like.

Jeff, thanks but I found out it looks like crap on phones…I’m not sure how I can change that but I will be looking into it.

To clarify, projects don’t need to be done, just looking to show what is possible.

Custom boxes cut and lased on the MPCNC
[attachment file=“32716”]


Oh Thanks!

Yeah. If you can point it to the link up top it would probably be better. That way it won’t get lost in the CNC build thread.

Did you try adding this to the css?

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That has t-shirt written all over it!!!

I wish it was that easy.

t-shirt, or plaque? Do you know anyone with a CNC machine?

I wouldn’t want that on my wall though. I try to forget every second I’ve spent on web development.

Actually, it would be pretty awesome to make a plaque with some of the nerdiest cheat sheets out there. Like vim, python, Eigen, OpenCV… Dammit, I have ideas way faster than I can finish them. Stupid brain!

Sounds like you might have a pretty solid little etsy side business right there.


Particle board.
Google Photos

Google Photos


Solid Oak flooring.
Google Photos


Here area few things I have done.

I do not know why these are upside down…

Thank you Curt, do you have a link to the thread these are in? That way I can link a picture to its thread for more information.

Some of the things I made with the MPCNC and already presented on this forum:

A lamp:


A plate for my Delta 3D printer


A 3D printed Laptop arm:


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I’m thinking you need to post a pic of the mp3dp and the lowrider since my MPCNC created both of them.

the internet shelving for the gallery

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I thought adding them here would work. Should I start a thread in off topic for these or is there a better place for things made?