Side Assembly - Bore thru holes?

Hi there,

the assembly of my side piece is really really hard as my screw holes seem a little too small.
Did you guys bore thru it with a drill of the wanted diameter?

And its kinda impossible for me to put the lock nuts on…
Maybe my printer has a little too big tolerance? :slight_smile:

How critical would exchanging the screws to like m3 be?
Would be a lot easier to put together.

You might want to do a printer calibration check. The holes are actually bigger then the same type of holes on the MPCNC.

Calibration on mine is off like 0,2mm (Calibration Cube)

As the holes should be a little bigger i´ll try it with a drill in that diameter before i reprint everything :smiley:

I’m not sure which holes you are talking about, but I did drill some of mine out.

Was talking about the side assembly.
Bored (right word?) thru holes and now everything fits fine!