Simon Gives Sandify another Run

Not content with just having a sand table, Simon from RCLifeOn has given Sandify another run…


Thank you for sharing. That is great. I can’t imagine any machine getting that close to matching the sandify preview window :slight_smile:


Slick, get that lift and erase going and the zen is obsolete.

For pen up, I will have to register penify dot org.


You need a separate application and a bit of hardware - I’m thinking a windscreen mister loaded with IPA and a wiper with a microfibre blade - oh to heck with it, register org while you are at it.

You’re welcome! :wink:


Yeah, going to take two heads, one to write and one to erase. Extrusion using the erase head should put the proper amount of isopropyl alcohol (IPA has a different meaning here, and who would want to waste good beer on erasing?) on the microfiber cloth head…

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