Simple Gcode for Tiny Touch Plate - SKR Pro 1.2 - Get "stop printing?" after probing

Hello all!

First a quick toast. In the past I had really struggled when trying to crimp for making Dupont connectors. Every effort failed. Very frustrating. Some time back, I watched a YouTube video dedicated to this and other kinds of wire crimping (on the Teaching Tech channel). I gained knowledge and confidence. Today, I successfully crimped my first two Dupont connector wires, first try, total success. Sometimes in the little things we gain satisfaction. The crimping gave me good connection of my touch plate to the main board.

I’m successfully using the sample Gcode for the Tiny Touch Plate, as suggested here on this site.

I have the SKR Pro 1.2 Board. When the probing is finished, and I want to go to some cut job, I get asked if I want to “stop printing?” — again this after the probing.

I’m running the gcode from a file on the SD card.

The gcode is very simple — just 3 lines. I’ve modified it only by editing the thickness of the touch plate, and the amount of Z room after completion. And I added comments for my own sake.

I considered whether some gcode command for “job end” or “job finished” exists and could be added. However, when I google for that, I get some indications that they can have impact on the Z height stored. So, I’m hesitant.

Anyone have tips or advice on this?

Below is my current gcode:

G28 Z		; Use the probe to home Z
G92 Z15.000	; tell the board we are now at 15.000 mm above the Z plane (matching the thickness of touch plate)
G0 Z40 F480 	; move the Z axis up 40mm to ease removal of the touch plate
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Also, I did not mean to hijack the thread by drwoodcomb titled " What’s the Tiny Touch Plate Neodymium Magnet for?"

I had asked a couple of Touch Plate questions over there, starting at this post:

If it’s OK to keep that talk going over there, great. If we need to finish that elsewhere, maybe here is OK.

I feel for you.

I used to do this with pliers, and had a very high failure rate.

A year and a half ago, I bought a cheaper crimping tool, and my success rate went up to about 60%, which seemed like a great thing, but I still despised doing it.

A couple months back (When I started the new printer project, in fact) I splurged on a more exxpensive crimping tool, and my success rate went up to 95% (I had 1 out of 20 crimps fail doing them for the new printer, and I completely know what I did wrong there.) It took way less time, too.

Son once again, the old adage proves true: The cost of cheap tools is the cost of the cheap tool plus the cost of the more expensive tool to replace it.

So basically what you want to do is have a branch condition. One branch just ends the job, the other presumably continues with the cut?

If you are running from the LCD, you can pause and wait for input. It’s not really a conditional though, it’s just a “click to continue” type of message, if you want to abort, you can go to the menu and cancel the job, or click the LCD knob to continue.

I would suggest:

G90          ; Absolute Coordintes
G28 Z        ; Home Z
M400         ; Wait for all moves to be complete
G92 Z15.000  ; Set Z to touch plate thickness
G0 Z40.000   ; Raize Z 25mm
M0 Remove Touch Plate And Click To Continue

Yep. And I had splurged on the more expensive crimping tool before my initial failures. I simply did not yet understand exactly what was supposed to be happening in that tiny little space, and to what part of that tiny little metal bit. I went to buy another decently expensive crimping tool made for slightly smaller wires, so now I have two, and the smaller seems to be the one for this kind of work.

Wow, thank you. Very helpful.

I actually was not looking for a conditional, as I simply planned to run a Gcode file for the probing, which would just reside on the SD card, and when it gets finished, tap to select the cut job to run it. I just found it odd that trying to tap another job was causing me to confirm I wanted to cancel the probing job, which the touchscreen treats like a “cut” job.

It´s weird indeed:) And In my tests I notice the popup on the display is not stable.
Sometimes it moves to the background so I can not touch it.

At the moment I added my script in ESTLCAM, as a default script. But I belive I´m going down the same route as you, and just create an additional script.

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