Simple keepsake box first project with the new spindle

This is the test version. The final version will have a recess on the lid for a character or something.


Enough to give you any impressions of pluses/minuses of the new spindle?

Initial thoughts:

You need stainless rails. It is heavy.
I found that tightening the alignment bolts to eliminate any play in the gantry, and shimming the tool mount worked best for getting it true and eliminating slop
I still only do 2mm deep cuts, but Iā€™m cutting at almost 1000mm/min
I need better bits, have one coming today to test.
I seem to have less runout that the dewalt, my tolerances are a lot smaller now, which also leads me to believe I need to recalibrate my steps/mm again.
I used a 3/4 router bit, 1000mm/min, 2mm depth face operation on some extremely hard woods and it had no issues.

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Also, it is much longer, the mount I made gets it down to about an inch. So you either need to increase your gantry height, or live with the loss of 1in to your overall machining depth.

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