Simple project... The hard way.

I fixed my cheap router (brush had fallen out of place) and thought I’d have a go at my own simple project. Surface down 3mm, then cut out a name and cut out the piece (I even remembered to leave tabs for the A and D, woohoo!).

That’s when the trouble started… I noticed I had something stuck under my waste board. Took it out (during the cut - how stupid…) It jumped my work piece up as it was (not sure how that works…) so I figured I’d let it finish running, then re run just the surfacing. It would have worked fine, except I didn’t go deep enough, and the THIRD time I ran the program I didn’t pay attention to my Z location and it dug down 3mm deeper in one spot. So of course I panicked and hit the E-stop. Anyway, long story short (not really) I re-ran the program 3 more times to get the surface down and managed to save the piece. Although 9mm thinner than originally intended…

Anyways, I had fun learning and I didn’t wreck anything!

Thanks for all the help.


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Learning experiences start off as “Oh crap” moments.

That’s putting it very lightly ?.

I have a sign in my shop for that.

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