site not working in chrome

The site is not working in chrome, headers are missing.

Dammit really? I haven’t touched it.

It is working on my phone with the chrome browser. I won’t be near a computer for at least an hour.

I just tried it with an Android tablet and saw what I assume is the same problem. The main page is displayed but attempts to select the menu icon or search icon were futile. I could select the articles shown individually and could go to the shop, where everything seems to work. Getting Started seems to work, though there are four vertical 's’s above the Before You Begin header. Oh, and the logo refreshes the page as expected.

site seems to be working now.

The website is back to working oddly for me, I can only navigate the menus when logged in and to log in I need to go to the MP3DP page and halfway down the page I get a login (just before the recent replies section). I also get the wordpress logo in the top left and can visit the dashboard.