Size changes to support larger bed

So I have seen larger heat beds from some of our favorite Asian suppliers, up to 400x500 anyway. If I were to redo the routed pieces and use longer rods and belts, what would the biggest disadvantage be to building one of these with the larger size?

I would think going considerably larger like that would impact your max print speed quite a lot.

Are you thinking that a layer would cool too much before the print head gets around to laying the next layer? If you’re talking about the extra time a large piece would take over a small one, I’d say that is a given.:wink:

No I mean you would have to slow down your print speeds because that much extra moving mass will take more time to slow down to change directions with out skipping steps. Too fast and you will get artifacts like ringing or layers not lining up etc.

If you build your printer super rigid that will minimize issues due to the larger size.

Heh, I get ringing on my Rostock Max, and the end effector is super light!