Size question

I would like to get a 24"x24" build area. The calculator is telling me to use 35" pieces of conduit. Would that be correct and would 24"x24" be a realistic size? I want that size because that is a size you can get the sheet goods in at the big box stores.

I am questioning the calculations because on thingiverse there was some discussion about the size of the router coming into play.

I would like to try and use my bosch colt router. I know it’s kinda large but I am seeing people using a similar size dewalt and I have it already so why not try it.

The Bosch is definitely going to cut into that. Look at the build size the calculator gives you and subtract the radius of the colt and I think you will be really close, maybe even slightly over.

So it tells me to use 35" if I put in 24" build area the router is a few inches in diameter so if I used 37" conduit that should be good.