Size screws used to secure "base" to table

In the assembly instructions, the base is screwed into the table. I was going to set up two tables, one super big 8’x 4’ that would have limited use and a smaller 27" x 52" cutting area. I am trying to order the parts I need in advance, but I don’t see where the screws for the table are provided or described in the bundle. I would like to use an E-Z Lok Threaded Insert and bolt the base to the table and make it easy to unscrew and move back and forth. Could someone please let me know the screw size and I can determine the appropriate E-Z Lok product? Also, how many screws secure each base piece? Thank you!


I think i put a #8 screw into mine

I used either a #7 or #8 in mine, what was handy at the moment. There are two screws per base piece.

Thank you both. I ended up going with an M4 size, as that was closest to the #8 that had an E-Z Lok that I liked. Then I bought matching screws. There was a less expensive E-Z Lok #8 made with zinc instead of brass, but I can’t help but over-engineer my solutions. I spent way too much on the Speedy Metals steel tubing <sad shake of head>.