Sizing Question

This may have been answered, and I apologize if it has… but when determining the size I wanted to build my first MPCNC I decided the 24x24 size would be perfect. However, I then was curious, is this work area size, or overall size of the machine?



Let me know if that doesn’t clear it up

I think this is what I need. Thank you Ryan!

Just don’t be an idiot like me. Worked out the size I wanted, figured out the length of the conduit, and didn’t buy enough. In just the wrong way. 31.25" rails and X-Y Axis. Got a 10’ and a 5’ section. 3 rails out of the 10’, 1 out of the 5’, the Z rails and feet out of the remainder… Got everything cut, started thinking about how it’s all going to go together… D’oh! I guess I’m not going to have a square build after all (since I can’t foresee ever needing 4’9" of 3/4" EMT for anything else).

edit: and the killer is that if I’d just gotten 2 10’ lengths…