SKR 1.3 firmware

I’m trying to find the correct FW for my SRK 1.3 and MPCNC Primo.
I’ve found the MarlinBuilder repo and wanted to give it a try.
In config folder there is multiple file for the SKR1.3:
And two with LR, I think this is for the lower rider, right ?

What is the difference between the V1CNC_Skr1p3_Dual_2209 and V1CNC_Skr1p3_2209 ?
Is it only V1CNC_Skr1p3_Dual_2209 has dual end stop ?
Does both use 2X, 2Y and 1Z motors ?
How do I have to cable the motor ? Is it two motor in one driver ? Or can I plug one motor per driver ?
Thank you.

The dual is for dual endstops and one motor per driver. The other one is just using 3 drivers and both x and both y go in one driver each

Thanks for your answer.
Is it a bad idea to use one driver per motor?
Maybe issue with synchronization.

There are no synchronization issues with one drive per motor while cutting. The two setups are more about how (and if) you want to deal with squaring the trucks and how (and if) you need a physical home position. If you want to square the trucks electronically, then you will need one driver per motor and additionally you will need end stops min side of X1, X2, Y1, and Y2. If you are content physically squaring the machine against physical end stops, or not dealing with squaring at all, you can use a serial wiring harness and only 3 drivers or go the full 5 drivers and no end stop install. If you have a pre-made serial wiring harness, then serial wiring is simpler.

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Ok, I understand.
Thank you for your help !

Just a quick question about endstop. Can I configure the firmware with endstop in case I add them let ?
If not, how to zero the Z axis then ?

  1. If you go with the not dual firmware, make sure you wire the motors in serial and not parallel.
  2. Endstops are set up in both firmwares and you can safely leave them off until you want to use them.
  3. The wiring harness in the shop has a serial or dual version. These correspond to the two firmwares.

Thank you.
Last question, I have trouble flashing my skr 1.3, firmware doesn’t update when I put the firmware.bin on the SD card.
How can I force an update ?

Ok, found a way. Used another SD card.

I have had lots of trouble with some of the microsd cards in that slot, and then I am convinced it is the card, but then I try it the next day and it is fine. I haven’t figured out the pattern, but I suspect one of my card readers, not the cards themselves. IDK.

I had the same issue installing the firmware on my skr 1.3
it came with a 128mb sd-card. do they even still make a card that small?
every time i copied something to the card, it didn’t actually copy.

so i used a different card and all was good.

Thanks Jeffeb3, I’m coming with new question.
I’ve setuped motors in serial (two motor with one driver).
If I want to add endstop, how can I proceed?
One endstop per axis (x and y) or two endstop in parallel plug in X-?

Thank you guys for your help a great work.
I’m closed to use my MPCNC for the first time (only tried to move axis with success for now)

The dual endstops will allow each motor to drive until they reach their endstop. Wiring the motors to the same driver means that you can’t do that. So you can only use one endstop per axis.

If you haven’t done some jobs in the machine yet, skip the endstops for now. In CNC, the workpiece is the important thing and endstops are just not useful. Also, the machine won’t hurt itself if it hits the edges (and the endstops are ignored then anyway).

Thank you Jeffeb3!
Ok, I will not use the endstop. For now, I only try with a pen and it’s working nicely.
It’s a really amazing machine. And there is an awesome community.

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