Skr 1.4 upgrade

HI i need help im upgrading my board
To a skr 1.4 and i want to install mks tft 35_l v4
An tmc2208 and dual endstops but it keep sending me
An error code please help

1.4, as in turbo?

Jeffeb no is Just 1.4

Jeffeb no is Just 1.4

I’m pretty annoyed they don’t have a codename for this board. But that’s besides the point. I don’t have any expererience with this board. This is the first I’ve heard about it. There is a version of V1CNC for the skr 1.3 in the MarlinBuilder, but you’d need to at least change the motherboard type, I’m sure.

Ive dowloaded a files by teaching tech on YouTube and the only thing was i had to change the board from 1.3 to 1.4 an tmc for 2208 everything el se was as i had
But wen i press build an error come UP

The teaching tech firmware is pretty old and has trouble with the latest tmc library.

Start from one of the 1p3 builds and change it to 1.4.

OK thx ill try it an let you know what If it solved my problem

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HI jeffeb3 ive two problems
1 i vae a mks tft32 L v4 touch screen
And i don know where owhat to put the code for it

2 it keep sending me this

hi jeffeb3
ive made the board and mks tft 32 work together
now my problems is that the steppers only work one side and
an de x only goes half way
ive tried this to make Dual endstop in config.adv.h SKR1.4 please help im loosing it

Can try to be a bit more clear? I can help better if I have better information. Specifically, what did you try? What did you expect? What did you see instead? A picture of the board with how you have it wired helps and for goofy movement, a video can say a lot.

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HI jeffeb3
Sorry, OK ive try the firmwear ive send you and it work
I was breaking my head untill 5 am and discoverd that
The cables for the right aide where bad so i put New ones and the work fine but the screen is sending mi this message

And when i press z down work great but wen i press UP
They can pull UP i have to them by hand to help the steppers

This is my setup i haven conected the endstops

It looks like that E1 port doesn’t have a driver in it. And you have the second Z plugged into Z1. If that board wires them in parallel, you’re losing a lot of power. That also explains the error message.

OK my bad i wanted to install dual endstops
but i dont know how on this im a noob ,

and if i wire them in parallel can i still do dual endstops and how can i do that

and thx for all your help