SKR 1.4, Z probe does nothing (Maybe I need a refresher in Marlin behavior)

At risk of being told I simply need to learn more about Marlin (Last time I compiled it was ~5 years ago for my prusa so you’d be right), my board sees no change when I short the Z endstop pins (not the + pin, obv). Basically, touch plate wired sig/gnd, M119 shows no change in z_min when touching OR not. Multimeter shows short/open like it should, at the connector, so it’s gotta be board/firmware. I’m using Magruder’s fw for now until I learn more and can dial it in a little better for my own machine. Any ideas for me? wondering if it needs to be on PROBE port instead of Z_Endstop? Thanks!

I don’t know what what that is.

You need to make sure the invert flag is right and the pullup is enabled. The V1 firmware has this set up.

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He’s a member here, I found it in a thread on skr 1.4’s. I may get some time tm to compare. Didn’t know the fw for say, a 1.2 would work for a 1.4.

No, I don’t think it will. Sorry, we don’t have firmware prepared for the 1.4

No worries!

Screenshot 2020-11-18 151206

Found it! I have my endstop on 1_27 instead.

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