Skr 2

After debating and going back and forth between LowRider2 and Maslow, I decided to go with the LowRider2. Getting ready to order, however the SKR 1.2 pro bundle is out of stock. On Amazon, I can get the individual pieces but they also carry an SKR 2 Bundle, seems to be the same.

Will I have problems if I go with this, or am I better off going with the 1.2?


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The Pro 1.2 has pre-configured firmware already available. Makes the firmware part of it all super easy.

I’d heard that there are some potential issues with the 2, but haven’t looked too closely into it.

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I think flashing the firmware will be the only step you would need to do as long as all the parts come in. I am a newbi at some of this stuff but I know the group here will get you squared away if you need instructions but it’s as easy as putting a file on some storage and rebooting.

The SKR pro and SKR 2 are different boards (6 drivers vs 5), and I have no idea if the firmware is an easy edit or not. I suggest sticking with the pro. I have some coming in, in a week or so.

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That is exactly what I have and I’m still struggling with the firmware piece. Can’t get Sensorless Homing to work, when I move my Y axis to the + my Z1 stepper drops down. I’m quite frustrated also because it seems to be a board with very few users posting helpful solutions.

So, I have been researching the exact same issue, and now it is July 2022. Any thoughts on an alternative to the SKR Pro, which is currently sold out? Or do you suggest waiting for more to come into stock? I am a noob and will need to be spoon-fed everything. If it will be any kind of issue, I will just wait for the Pro to come back in stock.

I have plenty of the SKR PRo, inventory has been updated and verified.