SKR board in stock?

Do we know when the SKR pro board will be back in stock? Looking to buy a kit and want the SKR board. Thank you, Mark


Unfortunately I paid for air freight some time ago. The delivery date has not been updated yet. I hope it updates Sunday night Monday morning.

Shipping and inventory are going to be a nightmare from now until mid February at least. I am doing best to not change prices and keep stuff in stock but it is all a logistics mess currently and xmas is only going to make it worse.

Hello, thank you for the update. I will order the kit without the board and wait for the board to come in stock. It will take some time for me to build the kit, so I will be able to wait for the board.

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Maybe wait for Monday afternoon. I might have a shipping update and that could save you a little money. I have a few days backlog of orders anyway so you wouldn’t lose much time.


Hello Ryan,

Where you able get any tracking information on the skr board or know when they would be back in stock?

Thank you,

No unfortunately I still do not have a tracking number and my new rep is a lot less helpful than the last. I am not getting a date and have two pending orders. This is going to be a brutal xmas.


Seems to be affecting pretty much everybody. Amazon’s way of dealing with this has been interesting at least as far as their interaction with me. They show a flag warning you that you need to click an approval to a change to an order. You click in and the change is that the item is unavailable and they’re asking for more time. It includes an implication that if they can’t get it by the new date then your order for that item will simply be canceled. I click approve, and then when I go back to look at my dashboard again it acts like I never approved it, no matter how many times I do. I called in, and they told me don’t worry we did get your approval. That was about a month ago, and in three days the new date will be reached. I have a feeling they will simply cancel the order as opposed to giving me another chance to extend the date.

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