SKR board in stock?

Do we know when the SKR pro board will be back in stock? Looking to buy a kit and want the SKR board. Thank you, Mark


Unfortunately I paid for air freight some time ago. The delivery date has not been updated yet. I hope it updates Sunday night Monday morning.

Shipping and inventory are going to be a nightmare from now until mid February at least. I am doing best to not change prices and keep stuff in stock but it is all a logistics mess currently and xmas is only going to make it worse.

Hello, thank you for the update. I will order the kit without the board and wait for the board to come in stock. It will take some time for me to build the kit, so I will be able to wait for the board.

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Maybe wait for Monday afternoon. I might have a shipping update and that could save you a little money. I have a few days backlog of orders anyway so you wouldn’t lose much time.

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Hello Ryan,

Where you able get any tracking information on the skr board or know when they would be back in stock?

Thank you,

No unfortunately I still do not have a tracking number and my new rep is a lot less helpful than the last. I am not getting a date and have two pending orders. This is going to be a brutal xmas.