SKR board purchase

So it appears that the only available board thru V1 Eng. is the SKR 1.2. Is this a good board to get, should I hold out for when another (Rambo) is available or should I order something different from another source? I don’t know anything about board “flashing” that I’ve seen a little bit about, so “simplicity to use” is the key. I have almost all of my other components to do the build & am starting the table for my lowrider within the next few days. Don’t know if software matters but I will be working/modeling in Autocad (and Fusion in the future). I use Autodesk programs (Plant 3D & also Cadworx-not Autodesk) 3D modeling now so those programs are what I’m familiar with. Don’t know if that matters as far as board selection is concerned or not.

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Currently, the SKR is the easiest board to use and the most “future-proof”. I do like it, and it is proving to be pretty robust so far. The Rambo just has a longer track record.

As for software they both run Marlin currently so they will seem the same while in use.

Rambo’s are in route and should be here in a few days if you choose to go that way.


Hey I like easy. I appreciate the response. Thanks

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Regarding 8-bit vs 32-bit.

This is my opinion, and from my experience.

I believe that the RAMBo is the same AT Mega 2560 processor as most RAMPS based boards are (I’ve seem some AT Mega 32U2 references too) which is an 8-bit processor.

Most 3D printers seem to do fine with these, and more advanced and faster processing doesn’t seem to make much difference. Almost all 3D printing is dome from meshes, using STL files as a medium. Therefore, it’s very rare to ever see actual curves sent in any 3D printing Gcode, whereas depending on your workflow, you might see MANY curves in Gcode for a CNC. My MKS Gen L board used to stutter doing curves all the time, as it just didn’t seem to be able to keep up with the demand of calculating the curve and keeping the stepper motors going.

I updated to a 32-bit board (In my case, a Duet Wifi) and that problem just went away. So did a few other odd jitters and stutters. The Duet does NOT run Marlin, so its usage is a little different.

I also purchased an SKR Pro 1.2 with TFT, which is slated for use on an LR2, but that build will be taking some time.

I am building the LR2 and thats what the board is intended for. I am worried about the curves but thats something I’ll have to address once I get started. Thanks

In this case, I am pretty confident that the SKR Pro is a better board than the RAMBo would be. The extra processing power that the SKR Pro has ought to do well. I like the 6th available driver being there, too.

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Ok, I’ll check it out again. If thats the same one thats in stock, I’ll order it. Thank you

Dan’s adding a lot of detail and not really making things clearer (sorry, Dan). The Skr 1.2 in Ryan’s shop is the Skr Pro 1.2. It has a 32 bit processor, but it won’t matter for you. Even if you see any symptoms on curves, they are easy to ignore.

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Ok, thanks. I’ve already got it on order