SKR Firmware Newbie Help?

Hello all,
I have finally got my primo mostly built (my first MPCNC). I have acquired an SKR v 1.3 with the TFT3.5 screen. I have 2208 drivers. For being a mechanical engineer, I am extremely overwhelmed with the programing side of marlin. Any pointers to maybe modify the existing release for this board with the 2209 drivers? I will be running my MPCNC in series with no endstops right now. Thanks for the help! I cant wait to get some movement out of my machine!

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The MarlinBuilder releases has a version, V1CNC_skr1p3_2209. That should be close. Just change the driver type to 2209.

Just so you know, that is a combination of other working, but not thoroughly tested firmwares. It should work, but it combining 2209 with skr 1p3 is not something we test.

For anyone else out there, you can save a lot of trouble by just getting the skr pro 1.2 and 2209 drivers. That firmware is tested and runs on dozens, if not hundreds, of machines.

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I ran the SKR 1.3 for a year using 5160’s without issue. Like Jeff said grab that linked firmware and change it to match your driver. In configuration.h search for #define X_DRIVER_TYPE. Update each axis entry you are using to your driver type. I use Atom/Platformio to compile and upload with.

Thanks for the replies. I was having issues building after making changes. Switched computers and no more issues. Working on my first plots now.