Skr issue

Hey I’m having a issue with the slowing down and speeding up say I program the tool path and set it to low and want to speed it up, on the LCD screen I up my speed and it gives me a error. Any clue?
I bought the kit from website. Skr 1.2 pro + LCD screen? (Think that’s what it was )
I’ve searched but seems it’s only a me issue?

A bit more information might help track this problem down. How are you running your program (SD card, RepetierHost, something else)? What error is being reported? If you put your display in Marlin mode (hold the knob down for 3 seconds), can you adjust the speed?

Hey yes that’s from running from as card using touch screen. I would have to run a file to check will update post today. I haven’t tried the stock Gui. I will try that alsom

M221 error while cutting and trying to adjust speed. Printing from sd card inside screen. Only thing I can do is hit ok. Keeps popping up.

Looks like it’s been solved
But thought it would have been fixed out of the box as I bought the kit from v1.