SKR Pro - Is there any SD or USB support

Hey @vicious1 or @jeffeb3,

I’m wondering does V1CNC_SkrPro_Dual_2209_2.0.7.1_507 support any of the available SD or USB ports?

My SKR Pro is operational - I can move all the steppers, dual endstops report correctly, do a home home and zero Z with the touchplate. I am ready to print the crown test and calibrate the dual endstops.

On the TFT Cut menu it shows TFT SD, U Disk (for USB) and OnboardSD. I have tried the USB and Onboard and get an error on each. My TFT SD is hidden in the case I printed so it is not an option currently.

I don’t have a laptop at home currently and moving a tower to the shop will be a pain. Can gcode be read from any of the SD or USD options? Are there notes on how to correctly enable any of these in the firmware?


The onboard memory is not supported by Marlin yet.

Use the Marlin mode if you have any errors, but the SD slot on the screen should work fine in either. The TFT mode is very very very experimental at the moment.

Hold the knob in for a few seconds, select Marlin.

OK, thanks.

So to confirm I understand correctly:

  • Access storage only from the Marlin menu (TFT is experimental)
  • Only the TFT SD slot will work,
  • Both the SKR Pro USB (middle connector) and SKR Pro SD (right connector) will not work.


Just try it out see what you think. The Marlin mode is stable, everything else is beta.

If TFT sd card and usb should work fine, the onboard stuff might come into play at some point.