SKR pro board freezes up mid job

I recently finished building my MPCNC using a SKR pro board.
Its been working fine but twice the screen becomes unresponsive during the job. The first time I had to abort, the second time I plugged the board to my pc and ran repetier Host, that seemed to make the board response again, the screen showed pause and I just pressed it and it continued without issues.

Anyone experienced something similar?

Do you have any pauses (M0) in the gcode? Does it freeze at the same place?

Repetier will reset the controller. So that’s not good.

No M0 in the Gcode.
It does not seem to pause at the same place.
After i plugged the pc and ran repetier, the lcd just got reponsive, the pause botton turned into play and I was able to continue the job.

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