SKR Pro build 1x TMC5160 + 3x TMC2209?

Is there a build configured this way? I’m running a NEMA34 on the big axis (I call it x but it could be y or z) and need those extra amps. Thanks!

What machine is this on? MPCNC? LR? MP3DP? If it’s an MPCNC, I assume you’re talking about the Z axis, since the X and Y both use two motors. The LR would be either X or Y, depending on if you have it set up as portrait or landscape, but Z is always two motors. The single motor would be the axis across the gantry, NOT along the rails.

Are you using a NEMA34 because that’s what you have available, or do you have a specific need for it? Specifically, the need for the larger torque that the larger format can produce. Note that you can get NEMA17’s with well over 100OZ/in, which is more than enough for the design goals of the MPCNC or LR2 (IIRC, Ryan specs out 48OZ/in as the bare minimum). The extra weight is usually a problem, and that requires an upgrade of your other motors… Yay, engineering… :wink:

NEMA17 is 42mmx42mm, NEMA34 is 86mmx86mm. That’s a massive part redesign hiding in there.

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I haven’t tried it. But I think it should work. A lot of people used TMC2130s for X and Y and not for Z and E at the beginning (to save money). Marlin has settings for each one individually. But I am not sure anyone else has ever tried, which can sometimes lead to dark corners of the config that have bugs still.

You could definitely do all TMC5160s.

Well I went ahead and purchased two more TMC5160’s, but I’m having trouble making them work. The TMC2109’s were easy to set up on UART, but the SPI setup for the 5160’s is confusing. I don’t suppose anyone has a working build for 3+ axes driven by 5160’s? Thanks!

I got the TMC5160 working after enabling software SPI by uncommenting this:
#define TMC_USE_SW_SPI

and enabling stealthchop by uncommenting these:

Seems to work very well now. Hope this helps someone else!