SKR Pro Control, LCD/TFT vs?

Well, I was so close. Got the latest alpha ESP3D-v3 loaded on my ESP32-Cam. Got it all configured. Able operate the printer from the web interface. Able to upload files to the ESP32-Cam SD card. But wait, where’s the play button!? Then…

Sad trombone…


Ooh. I haven’t tried the V3.

The older version worked with SD, but I’m not sure it works on the cam board either.

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So close. Careful of that LED, that puppy packs a punch.

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Bright enough to blind you, but not bright enough to light up my porch :slight_smile:. I have one connected to home assistant. It is maybe the worst ip camera, but the best for $5.

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I just flashed an ESP01-S with ESP3D provived by BTT, i have the wifi and the UI ok but i can’t operate my Primo running on SKR Pro 1.2.
It reads nothing on the Printer configuration tab, i tried to plug it onboard and on the TFT wifi port.
Is there something to enable in Marlin ?

EDIT: it seems i need to enable it like that:
#define SERIAL_PORT_3 6


There’s also a line in the config.ini for the TFT that enables the serial port on it as well. Can’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s not difficult.

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Shoot, I thought we had already enabled the serial port? I will take a look.

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Thanks, i just flash Marlin but doesn’t work on… I need at least Marlin
Let’s do it again ! Just hope i can keep my Configuration.h

Far better with Marlin of 513 release, so nice and more practical to Jog from my phone !
I had to “merge” my configuration files as there is a lot of new things in latest version.

I bought my ESP01-S on Amazon from Az-Delivery for 5€, it arrived in one day but it wasn’t pre-flashed with ESP3D as i think BTT does.
I tought i could run it on my board in minutes but it took me hours :joy:, hopefully i have some arduino stuff so i was able to flash it.

I did it the hardest way, following Az-Delivery’s documentation but no serial comms at all when using 10k pulldown/up resistors but it worked directly when just didn’t use them.

#define SERIAL_3 is there but commented in last release.

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Well, for $5 more you could get this…

I bought 3 of them and they work pretty well. I’m sure as long as they are under cover, they would work just as well outside.

This is the view from one of them. I have it mounted inside my hallway looking out the window.

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The esp01 can be a pain to flash. The gpio0 for enabling the bootloader is something I had to learn multiple times. I usually buy them with the built in uart to USB for the most part now. But that wouldn’t work with the skr. Glad you got it working.

I didn’t write the firmware on my desk cam, but I have read it. That’s important to me. But that camera looks like a good deal too.

If you buy this version just once, then you have a UART that can be used to flash lots of them. Not that most people should need lots, but it’s still cheap. Considering that I have 3 of them…

I flashed mine with a more regular UART that needs the PITA jumper wires, but if I’d seen this one first, I’d have gone that way.


Oh man that is so much better than the wired one I have!

*ohh that shop has all sorts of goodies!