Skr Pro firmware question

My burly has made it home from military college with a fried brain. Lol who would have thought. When I found out it happened I ordered an skr pro v1.2, tmc2209’s and a BTT tft70 v3.0 . The board has arrived with the drivers but still waiting on the screen. Loaded the firmware from here. Installed V1Pi on a 3b+ and its back alive. Carved the crown on pink foam. Waiting on filliment to upgrade to primo. Also going to try duet2 wifi clone on it

My question is will I need to reflash the skr firmware to use the tft70 screen? And do I need to keep the SD card in all the time?

You don’t need to keep the sd card installed

I don’t have a tft70. We worked on a cnc specific version for the tft35 V2 E3. The main problem with the stock firmware is it errors a bunch on M221 if the skr firmware has EXTRUDERS=0. The other issue though is that is has several M84s, which disable steppers after canceled jobs and stuff.

But in general, you shouldn’t have to enable it in Marlin. It connects in the same way repetier host does on a different serial port.

The V3_E0 has the ability to act like the old reprap full discount display. IDK if your tft70 will.

Thanks for the info Jeff. While I slowly print out the primo parts I’ll keep the burly together and maybe play with the screen firmware. Maybe port the 35 over to the 70 if I can. For $60 Canadian I couldn’t go wrong. I’m printing a case for the pro, pi and screen now out of crappy colored filliment now.

I think it should basically work, but the trick is the icons we added need a little munging. I am pretty sure it will compile out of the box.