Skr pro issues

I have my skr pro working well. But

Recently the skr pro stopped moving any of the axies. And the light on D2 has turned on.

Any ideas about what the problem could be?

First thoughts - That L2 LED is telling you the heater 2 FET is turned on, meaning Q5 is conducting. Check U7 pins 4 and 5 for voltage. Assuming you have not instructed the heater to be on, if there is 3v3 on pin 4 your uP is toast. Other than that, check for VCC_12V on U5 pin 3, replace U5 if it is not there, replace U6 if it is!

I really appreciate the response. But to be honest most of what you said completely went over my head. Im a complete noob and am barley learning gcode let alone this board thing.

Could you dumb it down like im a 5 year old? Lol…it would be appreciated.

Update, now it is saying no printer connected. I reflashed the firmware and atill the same issues, but now i cang get it to move at all.

No bueno… very well could be a bad board. At this point you should probably disconnect everything from the board except power, to avoid any potential damage and rule out any wiring or other devices causing the issue. No error messages on the firmware flash?

edit: Looks like a string of 3d printer line in the photo. Do me a favor, and blow the board off with compressed air before powering it up again… just to be sure there’s no conductive junk shorting anything.

That was a piece of the mesh used to keep the wires together. I used the air and still says no printer attached. And no, there were no errors when reflashing the firmware. But then again, i dont know where i would aee the errors when flashing the board and not the screen. I checked the bin file and it changed, so i assumed that meant it was good to go.

Any other thoughts?

When you flashed the firmware, did the file get renamed to firmware.cur?

yes, it did.

As Kev advised, disconnect everything, re-connect the 12V and if that (D2) LED comes on the board is most likely duff. The question then becomes - Why? Did you have any ‘incidents’ like dropping a screw on the board when it was powered up? Or have a screwdriver slip while tightening a screw? Sometimes - very occasionally - stuff just fails … and sometimes it is provoked!

That is kind of odd. One of our old firmware used to keep that port on with any movements.

Triple check you are using the correct firmware. Re-flash and reset your screen as well, make sure to reset. This could be as easy as you changed the baud rate of the screen.

Also try flashing the SKR with the screen unplugged and when it is done remove the microsd.

I did all of those things. However i will do it again just to double check everything was correct. If it does not work, then what would be my next option?

I have not seen a board just go bad, so I am not sure what the next steps would be. Any time this has happened, a re-flash and reset has fixed it.

Check all three fuses.

Please upload a good picture of both the top and bottom of the board and we can look for issues.

LR2 or LR3?

This is an LR3. I did check the fuses and all were fine. But no, i have not flipped the board over. I will do all of these things this evening and send some good pics.

Thabk you all for your help

Ok, i reflashed both the board and screen, using the reset button. The Bin file changed again, so i assume it flashed fine. I have attached pics of the top and bottom of the board.

I included 1 more pic of the board with the power on. All of the lights on the top of the board are on. That was not like that before the error started. Those lights only came on when something was plugged in.

Thanks again for all of the help.

The 3 lights in the middle are diagnostics, all 3 on means that there is (resumably correct) voltage on the 3V3, 5V and 12V rails.

The red lights at the top (by the motor outputs) are endstop lights and with the proper firmware flashed they should be on with nothing plugged into the board. This shows that the pullup resistors are engaged and are bringing the voltage on the endstop signal pins to logic high voltage. (Or close to it. Some SKR Pro 1.2 boards have shown issues there.)

Other lights of note, there is a blue LED near the SD card reader that should come on when a micro SD card is inserted

There are LEDs near the fan outputs that come on when the fans are turned on. I have FAN0 turned on by default on my SKR Pro, so that one is on as soon as I power up the board.

Anyway, that set of lights looks normal to me. This is what I would expect to see if M114 returns that X_Min, Y1_Min, Y2_Min, Z1_Max and Z2_Max are all reporting as triggered, and Z_Probe is reporting open.

Every single one of your mosfets looks cooked.

We don’t even power that bed one but it looks the worst. Could just be leftover flux from assembly. Did you plug anything else in there?

Like Dan says you have power, and your endstop lights are on, looks normal. What happens when you use a USB and plug in to repetier host?

Nope, the only thing i have different from the instructions on the site are the two fans for the case which are powered directly on the motor terminals positive and negative. I didnt even take tha case cover off until i started having issues.

I have not tried repeater host since i first powered it up. But i will give that a shot and see what it does.

I assume if the board is fried, that i will need to replace it. The shop only sells the full kit, do you know where i can get just the board?

If you bought it from me, it has been less than 30 days, and there are no signs of damage we can take care of it.

It could be the SKR or the Screen. You have not mentioned anything about the screen yet though. After you flash it what happens. Can you also show a picture of the two wired together, please. A common mistake is one wire off and it freezes.

Let’s just do a few more troubleshooting steps first. Repetier host is the next step.

I did not know I was talking to the “V1 guy”. I appreciate the effort to resolve and take care of the board. But, honestly, I am so new to this, it is quite likely I did something stupid and messed it up somehow.

I will continue to troubleshoot with you, but am also just going to purchase a new unit now, so that in the event i fried this thing, i will be up and running sooner rather than later. I’m less concerned with the cost than I am with having it going. But, i still want to learn the process.

So, on to the troubleshooting. The screen seems to be fine and uploads when i flash it with no issues (status bar % climbs until it is done). Once the screen is back up and running, the only issue is that it says “no printer connected” in red letters at the top. I will have to do the repeater host tomorrow but will get the other pictures of it connected as well.

Thank you again for your support.