SKR Pro no steppers


Ok in marlin mode I have movement on the X, Y, Z motors but on the motors connected to E0 & E1. Where should I look?

That means you did not flash a dual endstop version of the firmware.

When you boot up in marlin mode what version number/letter does it show on the screen?


That is the serial firmware. The dual is 509D. Go to MarlinBuilder releases and get the v1cnc skr pro 2209 dual.

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Ok thanks

can you hook dm542 to the SKR Pro V1.1 & V1.2 for nema 23

I loaded the correct firmware and did my checks. All steppers respond except for the one in the E0 connection. I moved the stepper wire to the X connection and the stepper works fine. I swapped out stepper drivers, E0 with E1 and the problem stays with the E0 connection. Any ideas on this one?

Try e1 and e2.
Just to verify what does M119 output with your firmware.

Sorry…idiot error. I left the stepper driver slot in front of Z1 open thinking it need a driver , when in fact it share the stepper. So I had them really in E1 and E2. Made the changes and everything works. Attaching the belts and can’t wait to start the crown test…thanks slot for the help to all you!

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