SKR pro V1.1


Any thoughts on this board for a MPCNC? what drivers would you recommend?

32 bit is evolving rapidly still. Unless you are comfortable with Marlin edits maybe give it some more time.

already running marlin 2 on my 3d printer and I do like the greater memory availablity for future upgrades

Well than, I hope it is a good choice cuz I just bought one!

what drivers did you get?

2208 but the 2209 is what seems to be the ideal when they start to become more available.

I’ve got one on order as well, with the 2209 drivers. Looks like it will be next month before they can ship it.

Does anyone running a SKR pro mind sharing their firmware with me please?

I have not plugged mine in yet. If you need firmware you also need to state what drivers and how they are installed (uart, spi, non of the above). It is a pretty configurable board you will probably need to get in and change things to suit your needs at some point.

I’m using TMC5160 on X and Y using SPI. I’m using a TMC2208 on the Z using UART. I think I have a handle on changing the configuration for the type of stepper. Just not sure about the pin configuration.

Interesting. I wonder if you can use both at the same time. I hope someone that knows weighs in.

I hope so ?. The 5160s came in a 4 pack and I didn’t want to wait for a 5th.

here you go gents - config for SKR Pro v1.1 - with TMC 5160 V1.2 drivers.

Make sure to change the platformio.h to platformio.ini for correctivity;)

best of luck!

*the TMC drivers are set to 1200ma – i’ve not run the machine beyond 45 minutes at a time, the motors get warm but not hot for me, but overheating motors can be a disaster for your project as well as soften PLA motor mounts - make sure to pay attention to this!!


Configuration.h (80.5 KB)

Configuration_adv.h (104 KB)

platformio.h (19.3 KB)


well just ordered mine with the 2209 drivers and the tft display from aliexpress.

now to see what I can find for a printed case…

I just watched an Alex Kenis video. These 2209 drivers might be a bit of a nightmare for a while. Looks like two of the larger suppliers are making them with different pin outs. So I am not sure how this is going to work in the firmware yet but it looks like he is going to have a review/overview of them soon.

yeah I saw that too he is an AMAZING source of info much of it goes over my head but I learn every time I watch his videos.


hopefully if I stick with Bigtrees drivers on Bigtrees board I’ll be OK. And they do seem to be pushing their firmware into Marlin so fingers crossed



Hey guys jumping in here with some updates on my experiences.

Did some trochoidal milling of brass yesterday evening after losing a cylinder head dowel for my KX. I have previously attempted to go without the dowel (used to locate the head gasket properly) with non-optimal results. In effort to have a good ride today (it was successful), I had to have a dowel pin!

Pin dims:

12mm OD, 10mm ID - 14mm length.

So I cut a pocket in some 3/4 inch plywood, hammered in a 1.75" square bit of brass stock (C360) at 14mm thickness and proceeded to cut the dowel pin. The operation was about 30-35 minutes run time with some intense activity on all steppers. The process went off smoothly, though I’ll be making a low profile vice for the machine asap - wood pocket workholding may be too much of a compromise.

At 1200ma the steppers didn’t obviously seem to lose any steps, but I can tell you that they were hot! Almost but not quite too hot to touch.

Final results:

11.6mm OD (worst performance, maybe there were steps lost:/), 9.96mm ID (was blow away), and length was dialed in on a manual mill.

I used a bit of .0015" shim stock to make up the difference on the OD. Beat the hell out of the moto and its holding up.

I finally got everything working with mixed stepper drivers. Thanks for your help. Now I have to figure out how to control my spindle and laser.

Keep us posed on the spindle and laser man!

I am looking hard at a 800w 65mm watercooled unit for those sweet sweet lower RPMs.

Also lasers are just cool in general.

let us know how you go.

also picked up the wifi module for this…now waiting on the shipment of the board and drivers