SKR-PRO-V1.2 5 x 2209 not 6?

So I bought the kit, build the build. now I am ready to wire my MPCNC primo but…

I can find the instruction for the SKR-Pro but I have 5 2209 drivers but space for 6. Am I missing one?

I saw this post:
“First time with SKR Pro1.2, 5x 2209 drvers, TFT35 E3 x 1

With also had 5 drivers but in the answer to his question there was a board with 6 drivers.

Can I use just 5 drivers and how do I install them? (No dual endstops firmware/ build yet)

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Even with dual end-stops you only use 5 drivers. 2 for X, 2 for Y, and 1 for Z. The board just supports up to six.



The picture definitely shows 6, and the description only says 5:

You definitely don’t need 6, unless you are planning a dual endstop printer or something.

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Shoot yeah I changed it a while back to save everyone a few dollars per kit. I will try to fake the picture. Forgot to change it.


Thanks for pointing that out.

There was a glitch in the matrix!

Wait, did I find a glitch in the Matrix? Am I Neo?

Thank you for the help.

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