Skr pro v1.2 firmware

I’m using a btt skr pro v1.2 for cnc lowrider. I have a question with the firmware. Stepper motors z2 and y2. since these are enabled you need to enable 2 E0 and E1. I think I am right let me know. here is what I got. this is a few changes but let me know.

// Mechanical endstop with COM to ground and NC to Signal uses “false” here (most common setup).

  • :[‘A4988’, ‘A5984’, ‘DRV8825’, ‘LV8729’, ‘L6470’, ‘L6474’, ‘POWERSTEP01’, ‘TB6560’, ‘TB6600’, ‘TMC2100’, ‘TMC2130’, ‘TMC2130_STANDALONE’, ‘TMC2160’, ‘TMC2160_STANDALONE’, ‘TMC2208’, ‘TMC2208_STANDALONE’, ‘TMC2209’, ‘TMC2209_STANDALONE’, ‘TMC26X’, ‘TMC26X_STANDALONE’, ‘TMC2660’, ‘TMC2660_STANDALONE’, ‘TMC5130’, ‘TMC5130_STANDALONE’, ‘TMC5160’, ‘TMC5160_STANDALONE’]
    #define X_DRIVER_TYPE TB6600

#define Y_DRIVER_TYPE TB6600

#define Z_DRIVER_TYPE TB6600

//#define X2_DRIVER_TYPE TB6600

#define Y2_DRIVER_TYPE TB6600

#define Z2_DRIVER_TYPE TB6600

//#define Z3_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2209

//#define Z4_DRIVER_TYPE A4988

#define E0_DRIVER_TYPE TB6600

#define E1_DRIVER_TYPE TB6600

//#define E2_DRIVER_TYPE TB6600

//#define E3_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2209

//#define E4_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2209

//#define E5_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2209

//#define E6_DRIVER_TYPE A4988

//#define E7_DRIVER_TYPE A4988
I think I need e
E0 and E1 for Y2 and Z2

I am wondering why is the #define Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING true, I don’t understand why this is true.

The scripts we use to set these up have been pretty robust, so I haven’t had to look closely at them for a while (I have forgotten why we did some things). The Z min may have been an intermediate step to getting the z min G38 probe working, or it may have been a workaround for an older version of the code. It looks like it is probably not needed, since the probe value is set to true.

For reference, these are the things we change specifically for dual endstops on the low rider:

We configure everything when we set up tmc 2209s:

And we catch a few more settings in the specific skr pro 2209 dual LR file:

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Having just set up my LR with SKR Pro…

Inverting the endstops is done for normally open switches.

The endstops on the SKR Pro are connected as follows:

  • X_MIN is connecte to the X axis min endstop
  • X_MAX is connected to the Z2 motor max endstop
  • Y_MIN is connected to the Y1 motor min endstop
  • Y_MAX is connected to the Y2 motor min endstop
  • Z_MIN is connected to the touchplate probe. Since this is a touchplate, it is not possible to connect this as a normally closed switch, therefore the logic is inverted (trigger LOW instead of high)
  • Z_MAX is connected to the Z1 motor max endstop.

5 of these are intended to be connected to normally closed switches. This makes the pin voltage LOW while the switch is not engaged, and allows the pullup resistor to make the logic voltage HIGH when the circuit opens.

The touchplate will have the logic voltage HIGH until the ground clamped bit touches the plate. Then the voltage will ground, and the logic will switch to LOW. Since we want to detect that… We invert the logic.

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