SKR Pro V1.2 Wiring

I’ll start off by apologizing in advance as I am a complete newb when it comes to electronics.

I’m in the middle of setting my my MPCNC and I can seem to figure out how to power the SKR. I went through the docs and while there is a to. If I do I did not see anything that discussed how to wire the power.

Could someone post some pictures of how they wired the power for the SKR. It came with 3 power leads and the adapter for the power supply. I’m using a Makita router. I do t want to connect something wrong and burn up the board


The Setup instructions I have found are connected to the board in the Shop

My RED and BLACK from the Power source go to the closest to the middle of the board and then I took some red and black wire and connected from the first connection on the board to the second .


I am absolutely not the source of truth.

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Don’t apologize for being inexperienced! We were all new to this at some point. Even @jeffeb3 (I think @vicious1 has the pics to prove it, but there may be some blackmail involved). Heck, I’ve been knocking around here for some years now, and just drew my first crown last night.

Anyway, I don’t have anything useful to say about the SKR boards, but I wanted to assuage your concerns about being new around here (make sure you keep an eye out for the goat, don’t want your initiation derailed by porch pirates :goat: :no_entry_sign: :pirate_flag: ).

I will repeat a few well-worn words of wisdom that will hopefully serve you well on your journey of discovery (of new and varied ways to use curse words):

  • check your grub screws
  • always attend your machine, it doesn’t care about you, your house, or your loved ones
  • really, it’s a robot with a chunk of high-speed tool steel (or harder) spinning at incredible speed; assume it wants to kill you
  • laser? it wants to blind you
  • plasma? is your name Davros? Seriously…
  • did you check your grub screws?
  • that robot? probably knows how to start a fire, be prepared…
  • honestly, if you have weird stepped shapes, or drifting edges, check your grub screws
  • this is really a fun endeavour, don’t let it get under your skin, even when it seems to go tits up; grab a pint (or a bottle, or whatever your pleasure), and come back when you’ve cleared your aura
  • never be afraid to ask questions here, there’s very, very few things that are considered poor form (e.g., don’t start with @turbinbjorn on transubstantiation) or will cause any sort of bad feelings (don’t nitpick IP licensing [it’s been done to death], and don’t show off pristine, ornate, multi-layer inlays as your first project with no indications of struggle [at least pretend to be human])

lemme see it!

I’m not running an SKR board myself but this looks correct to me based on lots of other posts to the forums. Power for logic can be separate from power for motors, but if you’re using the same DC supply for both you need to add the jumpers between the sets of terminals.

You’re always welcome to claim that the eucharist has real presence, but if you come dragging with an understanding based on aristotelian anti-materialism, I’ll surely send some pitchforks!

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Well, niether Google Translate, nor the dictionary helped me understand that one…My “higher” education has failed me.


Nope. It is all in the public:

I was new here too once.

I have some admin ability, so I suppose I could go fix those links, but I will leave them just to show I also could not post an image the first day. Although that was a different forum system back then.

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I got everything hooked up, flashed the screen and the board but I can’t get my steppers to respond. I am trying to test their movement from the txt screen… not sure what I’ve done wrong

The black cable only works for the touch side of the screen, the gray cables are for the Marlin side. Best to plug in all three and use the marlin side.

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I had the grey cables hooked up originally and still had No movement. One thing I noticed when I tried to flash the Marlin bin file I did not see any green lights. I’m going to try a different as card today and see if that’s the issue.

After you thought it should have flashed, did you check if the files had a new extension? That can also tell you if things were successful before you go trying another card.


I would say no. I’m not sure how to do that… can you explain for me and I’ll give it a try


When you unzip the file you have a .bin file. Rename to FIRMWARE.bin, and save it to the MicroSD for the SKR Pro board

After you think the flashing has completed, put the SD card back in your computer and the file will change extensions when a successful flash happens.

SKR Pro - V1 Engineering Documentation


Do I need the entire marlin file or just the firmware file?

Just the bin will do it - one file for the SKR and then another for the screen.

You’re building an MPCNC, is that with or without end stops? Which of these files are you trying to load:

  • V1CNC_SkrPro_2209- *** *** Ready for series wiring on any CNC build.
  • V1CNC_SkrPro_Dual_2209- *** *** Ready for dual end stops on an MPCNC (X & Y axes).

I’m using the 2209 for series wiring

The bin extension was not changing. I swapped out the SD card and success!

Now I need to figure out how to power the Makita router from the control board so I don’t have to manually turn it on and off when working.

Off to do some more research! Thanks everyone