SKR v1.3 DRV8825 Dual Endstops didn´t stop axis

Hello, i tried ti go through new topic about similar problem on SKR 1.4 and TMC drivers. But didn ´t figured out. I Have fw from V1 SKR 1.3 DRV8825 Dual Endstop
Everythink goes great. But when i tried endstop, axis wouldn ´t stop. I tried it with NC and NO with terminal C and NC, C and NO. On board is connected to G and S. There is triggered, when i push it, on terminal M119. That´s all.
Thanks a lot

Which axis? Sometimes people will mismatch the dual axis and this is what happens

I tried Y1,Y2, X1 for this moment. Every axis with every endstop. One of them have NO, others NC. When i push them, M119 says triggered. But nothing more. Should i have set jumpers somewhere? I attached pictures of the board. Dont know qbout jumpers betweeen motor drivers and endstop ports

The endstops are only active during a xy homing operation. They will not stop the motors during normal operation of the machine. If you are moving the machine using one of the move commands and pushing in on the endstop it will not stop. This is normal.

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I see. So when i command to move and push endstop, nothing happens.
But when i command to home and push, that should work? Thank you

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During auto-homing, first the z axis will raise a small amount, then x axis motor will move toward its endstop. It will bump the endstop, backoff, and then stop at the endstop. Then it will repeat with the y axis. So if you are testing by pushing in the switch during homing, first push will cause it to stop, reverse direction, resume movement. Then it will stop, reverse direction again and come back toward the home position at at slower speed. Pushing switch again will make it stop.

So, i tried it. It almost works. But as you can see on video… second endstop is triggered but do nothing. I pulled jumpers for E0st, E1st after video. Same thing.

You need to swap the endstops at the board. When the close endstop hits the switch, the far motor stops.

Am I really so stupid? :smiley:
Thank you. I ll try it :smiley::smiley::smiley: