SKR v1.3 TMC5160 Voltage Question

Ello all!

Currently have SKR 1.3 with TMC5160 drivers. Everything is wired in separately (5 motors, 5 drivers), but I seem to be missing some steps. Does anyone know what the correct settings should be?

These are the motors I have

I have the same leadscrew, belt and pully that are in the store here

And my current settings are as follows (also attached as well)

Thanks! Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



#define HOLD_MULTIPLIER 0.5 // Scales down the holding current from run current
#define INTERPOLATE true // Interpolate X/Y/Z_MICROSTEPS to 256

#define X_CURRENT 1000 // (mA) RMS current. Multiply by 1.414 for peak current.
#define X_MICROSTEPS 32 // 0…256
#define X_RSENSE 0.075

#define X2_CURRENT 1000
#define X2_MICROSTEPS 32
#define X2_RSENSE 0.075

#define Y_CURRENT 1000
#define Y_MICROSTEPS 32
#define Y_RSENSE 0.075

#define Y2_CURRENT 1000
#define Y2_MICROSTEPS 32
#define Y2_RSENSE 0.075

#define Z_CURRENT 1000
#define Z_MICROSTEPS 32
#define Z_RSENSE 0.075

#define Z2_CURRENT 1000
#define Z2_MICROSTEPS 32
#define Z2_RSENSE 0.075

#define Z3_CURRENT 1000
#define Z3_MICROSTEPS 32
#define Z3_RSENSE 0.075

#define E0_CURRENT 1000
#define E0_MICROSTEPS 32
#define E0_RSENSE 0.075

#define E1_CURRENT 1000
#define E1_MICROSTEPS 32
#define E1_RSENSE 0.075

#define E2_CURRENT 1000
#define E2_MICROSTEPS 32
#define E2_RSENSE 0.075

#define E3_CURRENT 1000
#define E3_MICROSTEPS 32
#define E3_RSENSE 0.075

#define E4_CURRENT 1000
#define E4_MICROSTEPS 32
#define E4_RSENSE 0.075

#define E5_CURRENT 1000
#define E5_MICROSTEPS 32
#define E5_RSENSE 0.075
#endif (29 KB)

Do you mean your motors are skiping steps or that you don’t have everything configured?

@anttix, I vote you to be the official skr supporter, especially the software parts. Although I am thinking of ordering one so I can get onboard.

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your settings looks reasonable, but you can bump up the amperage to at least 1200ma.

I am running some 2A, 84oz/in motors and run them at 1200 with the TMC5160s, on an SKR PRO.

Without seeing any further detail, I’d wager that your pulleys are slipping very slightly due to the teensy grub screws they typically come with. I replaced mine with some short m3 hex cap screws (they clear the belts and wiring no problem) in order to really get some good torque on them.

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Oh! These are some powerful motors.

  • Holding Torque: 65Ncm(
  • Rated Current/phase: 2.1A
  • Phase Resistance: 1.6ohms
  • Inductance: 3mH+/-20%(1KHz)

Approximate peak back EMF due to rotation per motor: 2.0 V at 120.0 mm/s
Approximate peak back EMF due to inductance per motor: 7.4 V at 120.0 mm/s

Few things.

What version of Marlin are you running?

How do you know you are skipping steps?

I agree that current should be higher. I have my steppers set to 1.5A which is ~90% of the rated 1.7A. However with such powerful steppers, running at half the current should not make them lose steps unless something is binding.

EDIT: You may want to try disabling StealthChop either with M569 or by commenting out #define STEALTHCHOP. It shouldn’t be a problem at slow speeds but still. Here’s a branch that I use if you want to compare the rest of the config. Although I’m running this with TMC2209-s on MPCNC so it’s slightly different:

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Thanks for the tips! I disabled stealthchop and raised the voltage up to 1800. I might lower it to 1500. Not sure yet as it seems to be working fine

Only thing is that after a while I start getting messages in console that it’s lowering the voltage on some motors. I need to put a fan on top of the drivers to keep them cool it seems



00:00: Y2 driver overtemperature warning! (1800mA) Y2 current decreased to 1700 Y2 current decreased to 1650 Y2 current decreased to 1600 Y2 current decreased to 1550 Y2 current decreased to 1500 Y2 current decreased to 1400 Y2 current decreased to 1350
(I'm using CNCJS btw)

Glad you got it to work. Stepsticks are expected to need forced cooling. There are a few SKR cooling ducts / tunnels on thingiverse. I haven’t tried them myself so I don’t know how well they work though …

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I’m sure with good enough airflow - they’re fine. I’ve just got a 120mm fan blowing straight onto my drivers (1.2A - TMC 5160) without any heat-sinks or tunneling and all has been wonderful.

Hi i am planning of using same motors with yours and skr 1.3 or 1.4 with tmc 2209 on my lowrider2 can you inform me which board is more suitable or any other suggestions?

If I were you, I would get the skr pro 1.2. Ryan is selling those in the shop and we are trying to make a long living stable configuration for the skr pro and tmc2209s. We have something done for the low rider, although it is new and may have some bugs.

The firmware is in the marlinbuilder releases