SKR V1.3 with TMC2209 Dual Endstop firmware

Hi all. I’m looking for advise for updating the Marlin Dual Endstop firmware for use with my SKR v1.3 and specifically TMC 2209 drivers. They don’t appear on the list of available stepper drivers in the configuration.h file. However the standard Marlin bugfix 2.0x does have support for them. What will I need to do to either add support to the Dual Endstop firmware OR start from scratch with the standard Marlin bugfix 2.0x to get it to the same Dual Endstop functionality?

For dual endstops, you need dual motors. If you look in the configuration_adv.h file, there is a section with parts like “DUAL_X_MOTORS” and “DUAL_X_ENDSTOPS”. You need to make sure your pins are right for the endstops you’re going to use. Lastly, since you won’t have an extruder and Marlin won’t accept 0 as an answer for number of extruders, you’ll need to remap the pins for E0 off somewhere and use the E0 pins for E1 and the E1 pins for a new E2, which will let you hook up all five drivers. If you look at Ryan’s github and compare the dual endstop and not dual endstop for RAMPS, you should see what I’m talking about.

Sorry if I’m concentrating this too much. You seem like you know what you’re doing. If you need more help, just ask.

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Thanks Jeffeb3. So I’ll look at adapting the Marlin firmware from scratch and using the previously modified Dual Endstops as a reference. Why not the Ramps DE firmware? Yes I have all five stepper drivers etc. Basically the same as Micheal from TeachingTechs setup except for the TMC 2209s and a BIQU TFT35 which will be a while new challenge in it self.

You could start with the ramps DE firmware. I’m not familiar enough with the skr boards to know what would need to be changed. Since Ryan made changes to the PINS_ramps file, you’ll need to at least change the board and then edit your pins file.

Cool. Thanks. I think I’ll need to do a mashup of Marlin bugfix 2.0x (so that the TMC 2209s are supported in config.h) and TeachingTechs DE for the SKR board. Since I can directly compare them I guess it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. I’ll be sure to update once I get something solid worked out. Thanks again

Thumbs up. FWIW, Ryan’s firmware is based on 2.0.

Yes but unfortunately it doesn’t have TMC 2209s in the config.h for some reason.