SKR V1.4 TFT35 V3 "No printer attached" error

Good morning all,
first of all please excuse me for my english but i use a translator.
I come to you because I have a “no printer attached” problem on my screen that I cannot resolve at all despite a lot of research.

I have:
Bigtreetech BTT SKR V1.4 Turbo
TFT Bigtreetech 3.5 V3.0
And I use firmaware:
TFT35_V3.0.026.x jul 13 2020
my connections seem correct to me,

TFT -> TFT( reset ok)
Config;ini Baudrate ok

Do you have any idea what could be a problem?
Thank you in advance for your response

The baud rate on the screen should be 250k.

You should be able to use “Marlin Mode”. You get that by holding the knob down for 10s and then selecting Marlin.

The only touch screen version that I know works with our firmware is the one from the v1 github:

Thank Jeffeb3
Yes, I have modified the config.ini file with a Baud of 250K
then 250K in the parameters on the screen.
Yes indeed in Marlin mode it works but I would appreciate not having an error on the touch mode side

I have reset the indicated firmware and still have “No printer atteached”

I once again check everything,
I modify the configuration.h
#define SERIAL_PORT -1
#define SERIAL_PORT_2 0

I checked that the baudatre is the same on the tft and the skr but I still have this error message

Are you running the v1 firmware on the tft screen?

Yes "no printer attached " only

I’m going to tear my head off :cold_sweat:

I have had 2 SKR boards from V1. Look at the cable connections on the board and TFT, and make sure EXP1, and EXP2 are oriented correctly. The third cable can be an issue getting in firmly. Make sure it is the right way by the SKR docs here,
With all that said, both of the boards I have will say “No Printer Attached” for about 10-20 seconds after power on until those communications on those cables are established. This appears to be normal.

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Correct me if Im wrong here, but isnt the processor different between the turbo and the pro? @jeffeb3 Could that be the issue?

But that is turbo firmware…

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your right @jeffeb3… I could have sworn I saw “Pro” somewhere…

@julienr, @JohnSherman describes the same as my experience with the 1.4 Turbo, the board takes a few seconds to fully boot up and the error will remain until it completes the boot process. once booted up the error will go away.


I still have not solved my problem I have yet to try a lot of things