SKR1.4 Turbo Part Cooling Fan Config

Thank you for accepting me into your forum.

I have recently fitted a BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo motherboard to my printer.

I’ve got everything working except for the Part Cooling fan which doesn’t turn when needed.

I’m using Marlin 2.0. Bugfix version.
I have my hot end fan connected to the HE1 connection (pin 2_4) . Which is defined in Config.h as; E0_Auto_Fan_PIN P2_04 , which switches on at 40 degrees.

The fan for the Part Cooling is connected to Fan0 (pin 2_3). I only found reference to this in the ‘pins_BTT_SKR_common.h which is under the heading Heaters/Fans.

I checked the cabling etc and tested the fan0 skt but it was only putting out around 3v even when setting the screen settings to full or off.

I have attached the pin file, if someone could see if there is an error which would be stopping the fan from working I would be very gracious.

The SKR 1.4 and Turbo have 4 fan slots. On both ends of the driver plug set there is a 2 pin fan plug, (2 and 3). At the Fan 0 there is also a Fan1 right next to it. If you are only looking to power the fan, then 1,2,3 will give power automagically without “control” and pin changes

If that isn’t what you want, then Fan-0 is your only option, and mine worked with standard fan control settings in marlin including the fan power.

I have been thinking of how to get my case fan under control of my SKR v1.3. It has a fan, heater 0, heater 1, bed. I have the fan connected to the part fan, and the cold end fan connected to the heater 1 pin. I have a bed MOSFET, but the control for that is connected to my onboard bed mosfet. I can’t find any data on what would happen if I connected the control for the MOSFET board to another two random pins, like an endstop signal, or something.

I think it has Fan0 under control of the software, that way you should be able to put a thermistor in the case somewhere, and set the min max temp no?? Treat it like the hot end fan?

Fan0 is the part cooling fan.

I ended up just tying the case fan to the extruder fan mosfet. My printer is not printing most of the time, and this keeps it on, but quiet when I’m not using it.

Ah ok, I confused the parts fan vs heat sync fan… but either way you’re all good…