Slic3r settings for speed

I have a profile made using Ryan’s settings in Slic3r for printing stuff that needs to be strong (and man, are the pars strong).

However, when I’m prototyping, I’d rather spit out a print fairly quickly. Has anybody gone through the trouble to see how fast we can move this machine? So far i’ve reduced perimeters and infill, and I’m slowly bumping up the speeds.

Increasing layer height has a big effect. Just no more that 80% of your nozzle diameter, so if you have a .4mm nozzle no thicker than .32mm.

Less shells and less infill.

Ah wow, layer height had the biggest effect on print quality. And speed.

Ryan, I noticed on your parts page the new XYZ is listed at 11 hours. I printed it using your settings from (50% infill instead of 40%) and my print wound up taking ~16 hours. Did you tinker with them a little? I’m trying to figure out where the 46% increase came from.

Sorry if I’m bugging you. I’m a little new to this, and I’m still learning what changes are “safe” to make and what aren’t. Especially when printing upgrade parts for the middle assembly.

Could be a lot of things. I do 55% infill 3 walls, 2 bottom and 3 top layers. 30mm/s. Is that about what you had yours at, If so it could just be from the mpcnc acceleration settings.

Or…I did have these sliced with simplify, some parts it really saves some time on. A little smarter slice really adds up for a guy running 6-8 printers 24/7.

Oh, I didn’t even consider another slicer. I bumped mine up to 30mm/sec and it cut the estimate by about 2 hours. I suppose the rest is in the accelerations and slicer.

Thanks again!

youll find that printing on the stock firmware that your prints will take much longer than your slicer thinks it will. this is because most printers print at acceleration speeds of 3000-9000. And the stock mpcnc firmware has its acceleration set at 400… jerk settings can also affect the speed quite drastically. since again most printers have a jerk setting of 15+ (by Marlin standards). where the mpcnc is set at 4. The stock settings are great for multi-tool use, i.e. routing, printing, etc. but if you intend to only print with your machine then you can start to experiment with faster acceleration and jerk speeds. i actually find that slower accel and jerk speeds give me screwed up flower looking circles. and higher speeds can actually improve the print quality somewhat. currently I am printing at 5500 accel with my jerk at 12-15 depending on the material I’m printing with. your results may vary…