Slow initial movement before starting tool paths?

I am getting very slow movements on my x,y and z stepper motors on their way from home to the first tool path movement. The problem is intermittent and I haven’t been able to figure out what the issue is. I’ll go over my set-up and process if that helps. I am just running a drawbot for now, learning how to work the machine. I sourced all the parts from here and I am running the Marlin firmware with the changes listed under the software tab on this website. I create a drawing in Inkscape and save it as an .svg file. I then open that file in ESTLCAM, resize it for a sheet of paper, click all the lines and use the engrave setting. I then save it as a CNC program .nc file. I then open Repetier Host, connect to my MPCNC, click the home all button and the motoes home at normal speed (albeit a relatively short distance), click the disable motors button, move the gantry so the pen is at the corner of the paper, adjust the z axis knob by hand so that the pen tip is just touching the paper and then re-enable the motors by clicking the disable/enable motor button again. I load the .nc file and click print. Sometimes it starts right up at normal speed, goes to the first path and does awesome. Many times however, it will very slowly travel to the first path, like 1/10 or 1/20 speed and once it finally arrives there, goes back to normal speed, goes through all the paths and returns to the home position at normal speed (I am not about that part now that I think about it, I’ll check that return to home speed on Monday.) I know for sure I can jog the motors and they run at full speed during manual control before and after the print. Any ideas as to the weird starting behavior?
Thanks in advance,

In estlcam you can set the rapid rate, see the pic.