Small crack on core part - reprint?!

Hi there,

first of all, I am a new member of the forum and currently building my own MPCNC.
I am very impressed about this community as it brings so many people together. Thank you so much.

After a 28h print of de core part of the MPCNC primo I found a small crack just below the T8 nut. This probably comes from too low print temperature combined with 0.5 nozzle size. Everything else on the part is perfect and seems to be super rugged.

My question to the experts. Would you use this part anyway or do you recommend to make a new print?
Thank you so much in advance.

Here is a picture from the rear

Nahhhh, I think you will be fine.

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Thx Ryan, I think so, too.
I will make a picture for you of my upcoming beauty in gold :slight_smile:
Keep up the wonderful work and many thanks!

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Fill it with CA glue and put a little pressure on it with a clamp.


If you don’t like looking at it… Throw some baking soda in the gap, clean off the excess, add a few drops of THIN CA glue and you’ll be all set. It dries like a resin and can be sanded flush. Learned it from a Lure Maker and use the process all the time to fill gaps and join 3d prints together flush.

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