small nuance in dual endstops firmware

Some time ago i desided to make fork of Marlin on githib.
Then i made 2 own branches for my 3d printer and one for MPCNC dual endstops
So i took latest marlin 2.0 codes then alpplied settings from configuration.h/configuration_adv.h.
Today I found that this branch actually it’s not compilable.
After a while I found trick, made by Ryan when he changed pins for E0 (so now it’s fake extruder) and added E2.
I think this somehow should be noted.
Because it was really not obvious why it didn’t compile (taking in account this macro-hell of marlin), i was need a half hour to realize reason.

I agree that it’s not intuitive. Did the zero count extruder ever get merged? That would be another simple way to fix it.

Where do you think that documentation should go? Not in the Configuration_adv, right?

Is there a check we could get added to the sanity checks that would shortcut the error messages?

no, zero extruders doesn’t work.
there are a lot of issues in lcd code. it doesn’t ready to work without at least one extruder

i think here

marlin complains that couldn’t assign pin to Y2 motor. (because in default pins_RAMPS.h there is no E2 section)

      #error "No E stepper plug left for Y2!"

When we were getting the dual merged, we had to get it in both branches. At that time one of the users was also working on a zero extruder “proper fix” but I think it got left behind because he didn’t want to do the work on both branches. Hopefully it gets picked up again but for now I can not commit to doing that large of a firmware project for a while.

probably not on topic exactly, but does the gcode settings change the settings on my ender 3 for that print. Or does it keep what ever settings I got in my ender 3. Because my settings keeps change to 0. I got the new bigtreetech board and display, that is another story. But I thought the board remembers the setting like fan and temps. any help I would welcome. anyone want to volunteer to make me some prints, I can’t make them on it and they are not on v1engineering. If so let me know cost and if it is legal here to ask. Just desperate.