Smoky Mountain Build

Here is my Lowrider build. I had it running without end stops but have a project that needs me to do multiple tool changes and want it to be able to always find its home. I’m currently trying to add the end stops and programing to it and will hopefully be able to test out my project this weekend. I added a gantry so that I wouldn’t have any tangling issues though I am still testing the gantry hooks and will hopefully have that part also running smoothly soon. My end stops are mounted to the table and frame and not to the moving parts because I thought I could get a more accurate home every time but it does make wiring them a bit more of a headache.

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Nice. I like how you attached the belts.

I sympathize with you on the endstops. Sort of a pick your poison on the endstops - do you have to manage the wiring between a fixed endstop and the moving trolley or do you somehow finagle the endstop onto the trolley without taking the entire thing apart.